About Me

I am a binge reader.
I have absolutely no self control. Once I open my Kindle app and start a new story.. I become so absorbed into the story and the characters that I forget about my life. Sometimes, I even feel like I’m jet lagged after my binge. Who really needs sleep when your at 80% and it’s ONLY 2am?! You obviously need answers to all the questions. Plus, everyday day or two I have a new book boyfriend or should I say my most recent fling. (I still love you more though Hubby!)

I would love to have a paper back book of all 314 books I’ve read just this year (2019). It just isn’t realistic with my need to binging every single book. I don’t have the room BUT my kindle has the room for it. I don’t have the money to spend on the magical essence of those paper pages. I wish I did though. I’d have one of the greatest library’s with every single fling I’ve ever had. My favorite thing about online apps like Kindle? THE BOOK SUGGESTIONS. How else would I have found my favorite authors?

I’m a stay at home mom who love’s to read. I just want to share all the amazing books and the lesser known authors I find. I want to share my love, my passion, and my latest greatest fling with you.

Email me: the.book.fling@gmail.com

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