Splinters Of You

❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4/5 hearts

Buckle in guys… This one keeps you on the edge the entire time. There is something that I’ve always found special when the main character of the story is an author. Normally it’s a romance author, but this time she was a horror writer.

Magnolia currently has writers block. So, she decides to completely uplift her life to move to a cabin in the forest. There has been a recent murder in her new home, and she’s hoping that will give her inspiration to write. Thing’s don’t go as plan though, and she definitely doesn’t expect to find her muse in a man who can’t seem to stand her.

I’ve never read a character like Magnolia before. Trouble is constantly finding her, but letting her live. It’s like fate or the universe knows how important she is. Then they give her the inspiration that she desperately desires in horrific ways that only she’d appreciate. Magnolia does question a lot about her self during the book. I enjoyed her self discovery as a person, and digging deep into feelings she never thought she’d ever feel.

Saint is a man who tries to stay out of the public eye. He is a jerk, and doesn’t apologize for who he is. His past and many things that he has done is something most people wouldn’t of been able to stomach. Magnolia is his equal in almost every way. I loved watching her be his equal too.

This book is a murder mystery thriller mixed with a bit of romance. The romance seemed more of a side story that was definitely necessary to the plot line. I honestly didn’t even expect Magnolia or Saint to even fall in love, but I’m glad they did. At very page something new and intriguing was happening. I loved how imperfect the characters are. Almost everyone has had something tragic happen, and it just shows to never judge a book by the cover.

This was such a phenomenal book. I honestly would recommend it to just about anyone.

I received an ARC for a honest review.

Interested in this book? Click the cover today!

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