Undeniably Perfect

❤️❤️❤️ 3/5 hearts!

Tabitha has been down on her luck lately. During one of her photoshoots, her studio and apartment burns down. Her client, Kent who is a complete stranger, swooped in to save the day. He offered for her to stay at one of his apartments. Once Kent knew how special Tabitha really was, he was ready to claim her as his.

Kent and Tabitha’s story an adorable romance that leaves you with all the feel good emotions. I enjoyed the intense attraction not being 100% insta-love. Watching them start off as friends, and getting to know each other is something I don’t see often. Kent is definitely the boy next door type. He just happens to be a famous athlete. Kent is so understanding, and never judge Tabitha once. I adored Kent’s family and the town he is originally from. They added a whole new layer to this story.

This book was funny, and light hearted. It was a slow romantic storyline. I was hoping they’d get to the yummy stuff a lot sooner. The plot at times was a bit to sweet for me though, but I’ve been in a dark romance kick lately. If you’re looking for a cute feel good romance then this is definitely the book for you.

I received an ARC for a honest review.

Interested in this book? Click the cover and start reading today!

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