Heartless King

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5 hearts!

This is hands down my favorite Kings of Rittenhouse book. I was not ready for any of their stories to end, but what a phenomenal way to ending everyone’s happily ever after.

I adore Colm, and he’s definitely my favorite King. I wasn’t expecting to like him as much after reading Liv’s and Fords story though. He’s a man rough around the edge, but he has a heart of gold. Colm has always felt like he has to the responsible one after his parents passed away. He’s had a hard time adjusting when things don’t go with how he plans them. Even though he was a jerk at times to just about everyone, I still fell more in love with Colm as the story went on. His struggles were intense, and I found my self tearing up quite often.

I knew I liked Imogen from the first time I read about her. She is pure goodness that you don’t find in many characters. Life hasn’t been all to kind to her, but as much as she’s trying to move on she’s struggling to do so. Imogen has such intense feelings for Colm that has her running often in the beginning. The guilt of having a family and future with another man weighs heavy on her.

Imogen and Colm are a match made in heaven. They understand what it’s life to loose people close to you. They also knew their love was worth fighting for. I absolutely  adored their relationship. I do wish that Colm was sometimes more patient with Imogen, and I definitely hated see him lash out at her. She didn’t deserve what was said to her at all, but I’m thankful Imogen was patient enough with him.

Maya Hughes is a book goddess. She writes stories that are extremely easy to get lost within he pages of her books. She creates such deep layers and emotions for each character. My only complaint in the whole book would be how their love story was rushed in the second half. I wanted to see them fall in love more before Colm proposed for the second time. With that said, I still give it 5/5 hearts. I can’t wait for what else Maya Hughes comes out with.

I received an ARC for a honest review.

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