Making The Call

❤️❤️❤️ 3/5 hearts!

What a cute story! I adore books with a romance author as one of the main characters. Then add in a sexy football couch, and you have an amazing steamy story. Amanda Shelley is a new author for me, but I will definitely be following her for any of her new stories.

Dani is a popular romance author, and she’s living on Anderson Island writing her new book. Luke, the new head football couch, is taking a week off at his home on Anderson Island. When Dani has a bicycle accident, Luke is her knight in shining armor, and they spend the week together. Following in love was the easy part, but will they be able to navigate their new semi long distance relationship while being in the public eye?

I think we need more book boyfriends like Luke. He wasn’t sure how their relationship could work with him traveling, but he knew Dani was something special. I love when men do everything in their power to make their women feel like a million dollars. Luke make sure to do that, and it was so swoon worthy. He definitely make this book worth reading.

Dani is an extremely relatable character. She felt like someone I could be friends with. She wasn’t high maintenance, and she lived in her own little bubble. Dani did have some insecurities that get in the way at times, but after the fact she knows how ridiculous her actions were. She owned up to her mistakes. I loved that in a character.

This story has low angst and drama, but has all the feels. I enjoyed every single  characters that was introduced, even the side characters. My only issue, which is why I took a few stars off, was that they kept calling each other friends, and saying “this is what friends would be” when obviously they were so much more then friends. I will be stalking Amanda Shelley for her upcoming books.

I received an ARC for a honest reivew.

Interested in this book? Click the cover and grab it today!

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