Liar Liar Heart on Fire

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5 hearts!

Pippa grant is honestly my favorite author. She  creates exceptional stories that are so funny, but yet has touching moments that pull at my heart strings. You really never know what Pippa is going to throw your way, and I was not disappointed with this one. I would advice not to read this in public because you will laugh a bit to loud and often. It’s not the pretty giggle or chuckle here and there. No, you’ll get the snorting, crying, laughing so loud people might stare.  

Lila inherited a baseball team after the passing of her uncle. She knows nothing of baseball, and the team is the worse in the league. Tripp and the rest of  the Bro Code are trying to convince Lila to sell the team to them. She refuses, but decides to make Tripp her the president of the company. Though they have many disagreements, they try to get along and fight the attraction to each other.

 Lila might come off as a spoiled princess or a stuffy business women, but that’s only her at surface level. She has layers, insecurities, and so many secrets that seem to bury her. I was completely shocked by Lila background. Her story has been the most intriguing of the Bro Code series, so far. Lila blossoming as a character is goal worthy too.

Tripp  officially dad of the year (sorry hubby). The way Tripp took care of his two children made my ovaries want another baby. It’s easy to fall for a guy who puts his children first, and Tripp only wanted the best for them. His anxiety and fears of being sick were understandable after loosing his wife to the flu and almost his daughter. I’m glad he had the support and love from his family to get through those tough times.

Lila and Tripp’s book was amazing. At first they seemed like their personalities might not mesh well, but by the end they were each others missing puzzle piece. One of my  favorite type of love story is when the characters are understanding, and accept every odd quirk without question. This had that and so much more. The ending of the book even had me melting in a pile of goo.

I love seeing other characters from Pippa’s other books in her new books. She has created an impressively large universe. I’m happy to see all their characters (and animals) do get their happily ever after. I’m totally not embarrassed to admit that Pippa had me looking up duck anatomy, and that’s probably something you shouldn’t do in public either.

I’m impatient waiting for the next in this series, and any other book she decides to put out. Pippa Grant is an author everyone needs to read.  All of her books can be read as standalones and you definitely won’t want to miss this one.

ARC received for a honest review.

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