Real Liars

❤️❤️❤️ 3/5 hearts!

I love fake relationship story lines. Add in a sexy alpha male, and you have a recipe for a fantastic book. I did have some issues getting into the story line at first, but I’m glad I stuck with it. Zachery and Paige made the book funny, sexy, and completely irresistible. Even though they were opposites in most ways they balanced each other out perfectly.

Zach needed a fake relationship for expanding his business, and when Paige walks into his office needing his help, he knew she was perfect for the job. Pretending was easy for these two because they had feelings for each other. There was no question that they would work well together. I enjoyed watching Paige have a back bone, and demand things to be fair between the two. I wasn’t sure about Zach in the beginning, but he turned out to be a great book boyfriend. He really did everything in his power for Paige to be happy. He supported her, and was there for her when she felt she wasn’t good enough.

My only issues with the book was how Paige didn’t understand when Zach kept saying this is real. I’m not sure how that got lost in translation when Zach literally said “This is real” and+ “Tell me this doesn’t feel real.” Other then that, this was a cute HEA book that I would recommend to anyone who loves fake relationship plots as much as I do.

ARC received for a honest review.

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