Heartbreak Prince

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5 hearts!

Holy Shit. This story tore out my heart, and refused to put it back together. After I finished reading I was devastated, and utterly desperate for book two. C.R. Jane has completely outdone herself with Heartbreak Price. I need more of Everly and Jackson.

Everly hasn’t had the best life. Blackness bleeds into her every day life, but she’s strong enough to hold on to any goodness in her life. Everly is written so realistic.   Her everyday emotional struggles mixed with her demand to be secure in life made her easy to connect with. She isn’t perfect, and watching her make mistakes was heart breaking. I’m incredibly happy that  by the end she found her backbone.

Jackson, what am I to do with you? You poor soul who is tortured by your own mental illness. I wish I could pull him out of the story to hug and slap him all at once. I was hoping Jackson would do many things differently, but I was left feeling destroyed when he didn’t. His decisions, no matter how horrible, really helped shape Everly though, and helped her find her strength and protentional.

The POV switched between Everly and Jackson, with past and present times. Giving us little detail that gave us full picture, and helped answer every question that I had during the story. I did predict the ending early on, but I’m not disappointed with that. I was so enthralled by the rest of the plot that it didn’t matter. Many times I wanted to scream ‘ just communicate already,’ but then I remind my self this is a high school setting. You can tell their immature, but they gradually mature within their character as the story goes on. I’m not sure what I would have been in their situation as a 15-17 year old. It’s such a crucial and fragile point in someone’s life.

I really hope book two comes soon.

ARC received for a honest review.

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