The Trade

❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4/5 hearts!

Oh. My. God. I absolutely loved Natalie and Cory’s story! I’ve been waiting for this book for awhile, and I’m so glad the wait is over. Meghan Quinn has became one of my favorite authors because of this series. She writes such realistic situations in remarkable love stories. The Dug out, with Milly and Carson, is hands down my favorite, but Natalie and Cory are coming in at second place.

Meghan Quinn made an extremely relatable character with Natalie. My heart goes out to her too. She is struggling with her insecurities after her recent divorce, and since her ex husband cheated on her, she doesn’t feel like she’s enough for any man. Natalie is trying to navigate the awkward first dates and flirting, for the first time since marrying her middle school sweetheart. Her dates are hilarious though, and I couldn’t help but laughing out loud. My favorite thing about her was how she constantly kept pushing herself out of her comfort zone. She tried not to live in fear, which made her an incredibly strong character.

I knew Cory was a good brother from The Dugout, but I was not expecting him to be such an amazing person. He’s everything I need in a book boyfriend. He’s kindhearted, family oriented, protective, and wants to show love to his woman. He believes there should be a good foundation before having sex with Natalie, but once they do it is off the charts HOT. As much as I hated some of Cory’s actions, I did understand why he thought he needed to do them. He was dealt a crappy hand, and was just trying his best to get through it.

Cory and Natalie are a great match together. Their relationship naturally progressed with the plot. In the beginning they struggled together well and communicated. No relationship is perfect, and there will be hardships that test the relationship, which is what happened. I felt bad for Cory, but I do disagree with how he handled the situation. I’m glad he finally pulled his head out of his ass, and got his woman back.

I loved the way that everyone in the series was included in this book. They were involved in the plot, and showed true friendship. I’m so happy to see all the couples happy, and living their best life. I hope it isn’t the last time I hear about them, and I can’t wait to see what else Meghan Quinn comes up with.

I received an ARC for a honestly review.

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