Taming Hollywood’s Baddest Boy

❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4/5 bears!

Max Monroe you are honestly a romantic genius. Every page had my heart overflowing with happiness. This book has everything I needed in a romance, and so much more. It’s fun, charming, and a little bit spicy. Max Monroe always keeps me wanting more after every book.

Billie works as a production assistant, and is loving life in LA. While trying to impress her boss, she promises to get Luca Weaver for their new movie. He left Hollywood 8 years ago, and hasn’t been heard from since. Luca, known as the bad boy of Hollywood, left the LA scene because he was going down a dark path with drugs and alcohol. He lives off the grid, and has no plans to ever go back. Will Billie change Luca’s mind, and move back to LA to start acting again?

I absolutely loved Billie and Luca, and their dynamic. The witty banter between them had me laughing out loud. Their chemistry was explosive and super HOT. Billie was perfectly sassy, and that matched Luca’s brooding male personality. In the beginning we only see the surface of Luca, but by the end he’s a great book boyfriend. He’s basically a teddy bear. He was wooing me right along with Billie.

I hope we get to see the love story of Birdie, Billie’s sister. I felt like she deserved a HEA along with Billie and Luca. I would recommend this book to just about anyone who loves HEA romantics stories. I can’t wait to see what else Max Monroe comes out with.

I received an ARC for a honest review.

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