Fool Me Twice

❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4/5 Hearts

My first impression from the blurb was that my emotions were going to be going through the roof with this book. A death of a loved one is always hard. Add in the fact that your best friends final request was for you to finish her bucket list, and you’ll have moments of full on ugly crying. Make sure you have a box of issues by you just in case. Carrie Aarons truly crafted a sensational story that kept me anxiously enthralled.

Henley is headed to college with a bucket list and a plan. She created the bucket list with her bestfriend, Catherine, before she died of cancer. The last one on the list is getting revenge on Catherine’s ex boyfriend, Lincoln, who broke her heart. Henley think’s its going to be easy, but when her heart starts getting involved, will she be able to go through with it before he breaks her heart?

Dealing with grief is different for everyone, and we see Henley struggling everyday. You can feel how much she loved Catherine. Henley was loyal to her, and I believe she needed to finish the bucket list to help with her grieving. I really felt for Henley. Carrie Aarons wrote in such a way that made me feel vulnerable, and grieve along with Henley.

Lincoln was not what I was expecting. At first he played into the role being described from Henley, but once I read his POV everything in my perspective changed. He’s so much more then what he lets on. Henley really brought out the best in him. They ended up being their perfect equals, and I do believe that fate had a hand in this one.

The only negative I found in this book was how short the resolution was after the climax. I honestly thought that there might have been a second book because it was very close to the end. I wish there were more detail to it.

I received an ARC for an honest review

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