The Wrong/Right Man

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5 Hearts!

The Wrong/Right Man by Aurora Rose Reynolds is such a phenomenal book! The blurb caught my interest,  and I was so excited to receive an ARC. The storyline did not disappoint. I was hypnotized, and I found myself not being able to put it down.

Dakota was set up on a blind date after having a bad breakup. Dakota had one of the best dates she’s ever had with Braxton Adams. After waking up next to him the next morning, she finds out he was not supposed to be her blind date. Brax knew the moment he saw her, that she was the one. After being caught in his lies, he will do whatever it takes to make Dakota give him another chance.

I absolutely love stories of protective and possessive alphas, when paired with feisty women. Dakota is possibly one of my favorite heroines that I’ve read in a while. She was not a doormat, she was not stupid, and I love that she constantly kept asking questions. She didn’t let Brax off easy either. I was not prepared for falling head over heels in love with Brax. He is over the top, unapologetically sweet, and he knows what he wants. “Just know that no matter what happens, you’re mine and nothing is going to change that, because I refuse to give you up.”  SWOOOON

The plot kept me hooked from beginning to end. I wasn’t expecting the turn of events, or the ending. The relationship between Dakota and her brother, Jaimie, was so sweet. I don’t often see brother and sister being bestfriends in stories. I hope Jamie gets his own story, because I need to know what woman will be able to tame that!

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