A Lovely Obsession

A lovely Obsession by CoraLee June is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I honestly don’t know if I can put into words how amazing this book really is. It is dark. It is raw. It is twisted. It was everything I didn’t know I needed. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 6/5 hearts!

Always protecting her heart from attachments and emotions, Roe is trying to live a normal rebellious teenage life. She’s living with her Uncle after her parents death, and is trying to forget her messed up childhood. Everything in her life is not what it seems though. Her uncle is hiding things from her. On the hunt for truths, she meets her stalker. He is a man with no limits or boundaries. Protecting his ‘Pretty Debt’, since he was 10 years old, has became an obsession over the years for Hunter. His feelings for Roe begin to confuse him though. He’s tried to stay away, and he’s tried to hate her, but he can’t anymore.

I absolutely love Roe. She’s independent, sassy, and refuses to bend for anyone. She cares deeply, and her love is even deeper. Hunter was the perfect alpha type though. He’s possessive, protective, and a perfect anti-hero. They were able to bond through their past demons, and the chemistry between them was off the charts HOT. I was able to feel their connection flowing from each page as I read. Roe was able to see through the surface of Hunter. That alone had me falling in love with Hunter right alongside her. The way Hunter was trying to protect her only added to the swooning. I savored peeling back the layers of both Roe and Hunter. She became his weakness, and I love when a strong female is able to bring such an alpha male to his knees.

This was not a sweet love story. It was deep, gritty, and complicated love. I couldn’t predict what was going to happen next, and the suspense had me literally on edge through the entire read. There is no way to prepare for a book like this. This intense story had so many secrets, it kept me up late the night of its release. I had to know everything before I could put down the book. CoraLee June pulled me in from the first chapter with her writing, and by the end I NEEDED the next book. This will be a difficult wait for book 2, A lovely Confession, coming out March 2nd.

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