Remember Me This Way

The final book of the series, Remember Me This Way (The Sounds of Us # 3) By C.R. Jane, came out this past Saturday. Man, oh man, I inhaled this story within a few hours. It was that great.
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5 hearts!

Trying to recover from the attack from her ex-husband, Ari is trying to heal and find herself. Her men are drowning in fear, anger, and guilt. Past issues will rise up and relationships will be tested. Will trying to discover who she is break apart the fragile relationship she has with her men?

I’m feeling so many emotions right now. It’s always a bit sad when I finally finish a series, but this book had me feeling all the messy feelings the characters were feeling. By the end, I was tearing up and I was rooting for everyone. C.R. Jane knows how to write such a fabulously sad story, with so much depth to many characters. It’s great to see an author being able to write about different issues, and having them find the strength within themselves to over come struggles. It gives hope that on the other side of every struggle, you can be happy. Ari, Tanner, Jesse, and Jensen definitely deserved their happily ever after so much heartache. They were able to bond over being broken. Everyone needs to check this series out. I promise you’ll love it. It does have triggers, so be prepared to cry and have a mess of heartbreaking feelings.

Make sure to check out the rest of the series!

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