Sins of a King

This throw back Thursday takes me back to book I read in 2018. Sins of a King by Emma Slate.

❤️❤️❤️❤️💔 4/5 Hearts!

Barrett Schaefer is being traded as collateral to pay her brothers gambling debt to Flynn Campbell. She is forced to leave a quiet life, and into a lifestyle that she struggles to embrace. Flynn Campbell is a Scottish billionaire, and a luxury hotel mogul. He’s also the leader of the Scottish Mob, and a key player in NYC. Despite all of their struggles, they are unable to prevent themselves from falling in love.

I’m usually not one for mafia or organized crime books, but this one had more to offer. This book had secrets within secrets, wrapped into more secrets. It wasn’t predictable in the most obvious ways. The detail of their intense love had me swooning. I fell in love with Barrette and Flynn, and their push and pull attraction. I love this kind of book that has all of these different facets, and is sexually charged. The plot however, isn’t driven entirely by the sex. Some parts of the story seemed unrealistic, and some parts were a bit overdramatic. All in all, Emma Slate knows how to create a pleasing, and well crafted fiction story.

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