The Sentinel Series

The lost Sentinel Series By Ivy Asher. I know it’s still the first month of the new year but I just know this book will be on my top 14 for this year.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5 Hearts

Vinna starts off as an unknown to the world of casters. While her story unfolds, she learns what she is, who she is, and where she needs to be. She leads her mismatched family of casters, vampires, and shifters into different adventures each book. It was so much more then what I expected. The plot is well paced, and Ivy Asher really knows how to create strong characters. I’ve never wanted to laugh and cry in such a short period. The heartache, humor, passion, action, and unbelievably tender moments had me ravaging each page. The love between the MC and her harem is well rounded and build on trust; I love seeing that. There are some steamy sex scenes, but they were actually essential to the character development, instead of pointless sex. The 4th book really tied up all the loose ends, and I did not want to say goodbye to this series. I’m excited to see what else Ivy Asher comes up with next, and I hope it’s in the same universe.

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