King of Campus by Jennifer Sucevic

This Throw Back Thursday, takes me back to a book I read in April of 2016. King of Campus by Jennifer Sucevic.

4/5 Hearts. ❤️❤️❤️❤️💔

Roan has been crowned the campus king. He’s the star football player and a conceited manwhore. Ivy’s goal is to stay as far away from him as she could get, and focus on her dancing. Unfortunately, Ivy was paired up with Roan for a class project. After being forced to spend time together, Roan and Ivy find that there is more than what meets the eye to each other. Slowly, their friendship turns to love.

This was one of the better college sport romances I’ve read. It was a cute, heart warming read. I caught myself rooting for their happiness the entire time. One of my favorite things about the book, was that the main characters were supporting each other in their goals, without any drama. I enjoyed the growth and development of the main characters. The main focus of the plot was their love story, which made the book come off a bit generic. It skimmed or rushed a few parts that I wish had more details. All in all though, it was a light and fluffy read. It can be read as a standalone, but there are two other books in the series.

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